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Author: internationalkiwifruit

Chilean Kiwifruit Committee debuts North American marketing

  The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is kicking off its first marketing campaign for North America, following rising volumes of the Fruit arriving in the U.S. each season. Retail and social media promotions are running June through September, and the message Will be focused on the

First impressions on the Italian kiwi season

  The Italian harvesting of the Hayward kiwi started later than usual, especially in the northern regions. The temperature was higher than the average in October, thus preventing the increase of sugar levels in the fruits. The average size is bigger than we expected. This

Kiwifruit, Italy’s ambassador to the world

No Italian fruit better embodies the role of Italy’s ambassador to the world than kiwifruit: “Kiwifruit are exported to practically every continent and the export volumes are constantly growing,” said Paolo Bruni, chairman of CSO (Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli) of Ferrara. Italy plays a decisive part

Chilean kiwifruit production to drop this season

The 2019 Chilean kiwifruit season could see volumes drop 5% lower year-on-year, but much will depend on the rest of the late-summer growing season. Carlos Cruzat, president of the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee, told that the industry is currently forecasting 175,000 metric tons (MT) of

37th edition of the IKO Conference

The annual IKO (International Kiwifruit Organization) convention was held in Bordeaux (France) on September 9-12. The main global producers took part – Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Greece and France. As usual, the event was an occasion to discuss the various topics involved in

First-Ever U.S. Marketing Campaign for Chilean Kiwifruit

May 22, 2019. Chilean Kiwifruit season has arrived, with nearly 11,000 tons of kiwifruit shipped to North America season to date. Having raised harvesting parameters significantly in recent years, the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee is now ready to embark on its inaugural marketing campaign for North